▌▧▧▧▧▧▧▧▧» x ү ε α g ε я ’ s ρ я σ м σ т ι σ η s «▨▨▨▨▨▨▨▨ ▌

Character:  Bertholdt Fubar
Verse:  Main
Spoilers?:  Yes
NSFW:  Yes

                                   ▌▧▧▧▧▧▧▧▧» f σ ℓ ℓ σ ω «▨▨▨▨▨▨▨▨ ▌

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can we not do the ship hate thing today


p l e a s e

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Character:  Connie Springer
Verse:  Main
Spoilers?:  Yes

                                   ▌▧▧▧▧▧▧▧▧» f σ ℓ ℓ σ ω «▨▨▨▨▨▨▨▨ ▌

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hellakawaiimarco replied to your postFlops on Eren. “Hi cutie.”
"Come here often?" Smooches cheeks.

     —Sometimes he really just can’t handle how precious Marco is, sheesh.

     “Only when you’re here.” Goes for the kiss.

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hellakawaiimarco asked: Flops on Eren. "Hi cutie."

     “Well hey, fancy meeting you here.”  Casually wraps his arms around Marco’s waist and grins.

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hhh i’m getting grumped at by my other half to come to bed, so tomorrow i’ll finish up those memes for contegobellator,

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militislibertas asked: “I think I’ll just leave you two to yourselves.”

Jealousy Starter Sentences

     “God, don’t act like that, Levi.”

     They’re glaring at each other, and Eren’s reminded vaguely of how many times they’ve been in this situation.  The passive aggressive grumbling, the bitter words thrown back and forth.  They’ve been trying to keep things a secret, but the shifter has the sneaking suspicion that Levi’s over the hushed relationship.

     Quite frankly, Eren’s sick of it, too.

     So he grabs Levi’s face and leans down with a quiet growl, crushing their lips together with such a force that he actually has his captain staggering backwards.  The soft gasps from behind them don’t even reach Eren’s ears because he’s so focused on Levi, on making sure that the shorter man—and everyone else—knows that Eren only has eyes for him.  When they break apart, Levi has such a shocked face that the younger boy actually cracks a smile, stealing two, three, four more gentle kisses.  “Jealousy is beneath you, sir.”

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